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Spaceship on Alien Planet

Design Projects


C.C.P. (Playable)

A 2D side scrolling puzzle/platformer where you cut, copy, and paste blocks to make it through the levels.


20XX MAXX (Playable)

A 3D car combat game featuring a variety of different cars and abilities on action oriented levels.

Halo The Master Chief Collection (6).png

Matrix Station

A 4v4 Slayer map on a space station featuring sections of normal and low gravity.


Shoot To Thrill

A 3D parkour shooter where you break into an enemy base to plant a bomb and escape while earning as many points as possible.


Minecraft Redesign (UI/UX Project)

Project tackling some additional features and tweaks to Minecraft to improve quality of life.


Chain of Jewels (UI/UX Project)

Project building a sample UI interface for a game based on its description.

Design Projects: Projects
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