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Shoot To Thrill

Shoot To Thrill is a 3D parkour shooter where you break into an enemy base to plant a bomb and escape while earning as many points as possible.

I designed the level and did the set-dressing using the Unreal editor.

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The Choice Is Yours

In Shoot To Thrill everything moves fast. Parkour from wall to wall, destroy an explosive barrel surrounding a group of enemies, then jump down to take out an enemy with a finisher. I wanted to try and provide a space for whatever it is the player may want to do. The level space in Shoot To Thrill accommodates on the fly decision making. Each time you play is different from the last with branching paths and a variety of ways to reach the same destinations.

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A Bond Villain After My Own Heart

The final arena of the game functions slightly different from the rest of the game. It throws waves of enemies at you one after the other. With this in mind I carefully crafted a space that allowed the player to focus less on the movement as a means of getting from one place to another, and more on the combat. Instead the parkour elements are shifted to alternative pathways. These can come with great reward as you can escape an ambush from an enemy squad... but watch out for the lava!

Shoot To Thrill: About

An Evolving Landscape

This level features sections of land modeled using the Unreal landscape tool. This served to both provide a more interesting level space as well as help deliver on some of the thematic goals of the project. As the player moves through the level they slowly see the transition from cave into the secret base where the final challenge lies.

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Get The Drop On 'Em

Another important element of the level is positioning. In the photo to the right there is a guard surrounded by a few explosive barrels. From the bridge above the player can take out this guard with a well placed shot. In other places, opportunities for a finisher from above or an enemy skip exist as well. Learning to utilize your parkour skills can open up many avenues in gameplay.

Shoot To Thrill: About
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