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PAX West 2018 DigiPen Showcase Game

A 2D side scrolling puzzle/platformer where you cut, copy, and paste blocks to make it through the levels.

I programmed the particle system and gamepad support for this game as well as getting the audio working.

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The First Power-Up
Bouncin' Around
Up And Over
End Of The Road
Outta Here
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Particles Everywhere!

For this project I wrote a particle system to provide that little extra polish. The particle system was robust and could generate particles in a variety of patterns with any number of settings. Some of these included fade outs, size changes, color changes, and more.

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Total Control

I also implemented controller support for this game. Using XInput I was able to make Xbox controllers compatible. This allowed the player to move their character around with a controller. Support for the sticks and triggers was also added for future mechanics that may have required variable input strengths.

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What's That Sound?

Additionally, I added a sound system to our engine using FMOD. My implementation allowed for the modification of music and sounds during the game, for example the volume.

C.C.P. Programming: About
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