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Halo 2 Anniversary Forge: Matrix Station

A 4v4 Slayer map on a space station featuring sections of normal and low gravity.

I created this level using the Halo 2: Anniversary Forge mode included in Halo: The Master Chief Collection.

Matrix Station: Projects
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Matrix Station: Gallery
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I Have the Power!

Halo is a game where players often rely on positioning and power weapon control to succeed. With this in mind, I designed Matrix station to reward players who take the risk to grab the power weapons. The sniper seen in the photo to the left is on a platform with visibility from a variety of angles. This makes it hard to get to but easy to use when picked up.

Matrix Station: About
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Crossing Paths

Another essential element in Halo levels are the intersections. Matrix station has multiple elevations to it. With that in mind I needed places for players to transition between floors. 

The intersections such as the one to the right provide opportunities for players to cross paths. Sometimes even from multiple floors.

Matrix Station: About
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Tools of the Trade

This level features a variety of game mechanics that are all working to help improve the user's experience. There are gravity lifts to help transport players to higher floors. Shield doors block projectiles. The gravity fields change player gravity depending on whether they are inside or outside a building.

All of these features were incorporated to help sell the space station idea. In addition to this, many of the design decisions were a product of trying ideas that might be fun. Sometimes the best ideas come from experimentation.

Matrix Station: About
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I Got My Eye on You

Sightlines are important to first person shooters. They can affect the level feel dramatically. In this level I wanted to provide a mix of sightlines. Some give the player open lanes to hit their opponents with rifles placed around the map. Some tell you where other players are but you need to move to reach them. This helps to divide the map into indoor and outdoor sections and reinforce the space station concept.

Matrix Station: About
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