Algorithm Analysis Projects

These projects helped me to learn the basics of a variety of common algorithms in C++, especially useful in game development.


A Hull Lot To Do

For this project I implemented the convex hull algorithm. This allowed me to find the points within the convex shape a select few points made. This algorithm was brute force and ended up being quite fast.


Electricity In The Air

For this project I wanted to find if this hypothetical electric car to get to every other "city" from where it starts, including how many charges it would take. For this I used Dijkstra to find the shortest path. Using an open and a closed list, the solution was able to be found very quickly.


The Conquering Hero

For this project I had to find the closest pair of points in a list. I used a divide and conquer algorithm to solve this by recursively checking points on the left and right of the midpoint of the sorted array.